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Farewell Writer’s Block

by | Jan 20, 2018 | A Day In The Life Of A Spiritual Mompreneur | 0 comments

This wasn’t easy for me to write.

Now, don’t hold your breath, I’m not going to give you earth-shattering news about my life, but I am going to tell you that I’ve discovered something:

My decade spanning writer’s blog has come to an end.

I don’t often write because I don’t believe what I have to say is good enough.

I wasn’t up to par with my high school English teacher and Writer’s craft teacher. I did not get into the university, but I really wanted to be a journalist.

I do not know how to write compelling sales copy.

I do not have everything together.

Today, I went for a massage (something I’m learning that I need to do once a month, for sanity, because I want to and it “grounds” all of this energy that I work with daily).

The massage therapist commented that my left side was very tense, he felt I was protecting it, that my shoulders sit too high and that I just need to let go.

He said that based on what I teach; he’s surprised that I have a hard time relaxing.

I told my massage therapist about growing up with alcoholism in the family. I told him that I believe the reason I “protect my left side” and stay tense is that I didn’t feel safe as a kid. When you grow up in a battlefield, you’re always waiting for the next bomb to hit.

He was surprised and thanked me for being honest with him.

The exchange did something to me… it occurred to me that by not sharing these things with you, you might think I have a perfect life and that couldn’t be far from the truth.

I have aches, and pains like you do. Do you have any idea how much frigging resistance I go through every single time I put out something new?

Do you know how much Anthony has to push me to “get out there” and share my work with you?

I have struggles just like you and do you know what gets me through every day?

My connection with my Higher Self, my connection with God, my guidance from my spirit guides.

So I want to be more open with you and show you me.

Because I’m honestly so tired of the polished, perfect social media pictures we all post. Life isn’t like that so why do we pretend like it is?

The perfection is so ridiculously overrated anyway! So fuck all of that.

I’m here for you. I want to show you my life and how my intuition helps me through the good times and the rough times.

I want to share the Danielle that doesn’t have all the answers. The Danielle that is weak, the Danielle that isn’t put together that doubts herself, and that’s scared her loved ones will leave her. The Danielle that is afraid of change.

I will share how her intuition guides her through it and maybe just maybe; it’ll help you look within and foster that connection with your Higher Self too.

The truth is that I am a writer, whether or not my teachers liked my writing or not.

I am human regardless of how hard I try to avoid that fact, and I actually do want to connect with you guys. I don’t want to hold myself away when life gets tough because I don’t want you to see me struggle.

Eff that.

Let’s have a deliciously messy life, shall we?

I’m inviting you in to see it. I’m starting a daily in the life, personal blog at:

But don’t worry, you can still get my intuitive development content at: